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Play with friends to guess the word using mime


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Smart Charades is a fun game where, in groups or pairs, you have to try to guess the word shown on your mobile screen using only the clues given by your teammates.

Choose a category from those offered by Smart Charades, explore those created by other users, or create your own; the options of the game are practically limitless and adaptable to any kind of public. Choose from animals, vehicles, or cartoons for the little ones and movies, literature, or history for the more experienced players, although these are but a few examples of all the categories you can find in this app.

The rules are simple: Once the groups are formed, put your mobile on your forehead so that you cannot see what is written on the screen and try to guess what it is from the clues your teammates give you. You can use mime, make the rules! If you guess the word, twist your mobile up to accept, and if you think you can’t guess, twist it down to move to the next one.

Fill your evenings with laughter and fun with Smart Charades by your side.
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